Urge the UK government to take action for the world’s poorest people

2022 saw conflict, destructive climate events, a cost-of-living crisis and major increases in the price of food and fuel. Together, they have pushed the world even further off track from the global goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030.

Now in 2023, one person in every 23, a total of 339 million people globally, will require some form of humanitarian assistance.

Climate change is having severe impacts in the countries that have done the least to contribute to it. In East Africa, millions of people are facing life-threatening hunger due to one of the worst droughts the region has experienced in recent history.

 At the same time, the UK government is stepping back from its commitment to eradicating extreme poverty. Multiple rounds of cuts to our support to people living in poverty in the world's most fragile places have led to a severely constrained aid budget, with devastating impacts for the people most vulnerable to climate impacts. Less funding translates into very real consequences for communities struggling to feed their children, access basic healthcare or receive support and assistance when fleeing from conflict or disaster.

And as the world grapples with an ongoing hunger crisis, the government is planning yet more cuts to its aid spending. Once again, it intends to balance its books on the backs of the world's poorest people.

In the face of growing climate-related disasters and humanitarian need, the UK government urgently needs to step up and demonstrate a proportionate response to the many extreme crises unfolding across the world.

Sign the petition today to demand the UK government delivers on its promises to the world's poorest people. Thank you for speaking up.

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Firma la petizione
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