Support enrichment programs for retired chimpanzees

By nature, chimpanzees are intelligent and sensitive individuals who are our closest living relatives in the animal kingdom. They are incredibly social and require a complex physical and social environment in order to survive.

But hundreds of chimps live in inhumane conditions, where they lack the resources they need to keep their minds and bodies active.

Angel — pictured above — was born in a research lab in 1985. She was used in her first biomedical research study when she was just 17 months old, and had 8 liver biopsies before she turned 2. All of this stopped in 2002 when she was rescued by Save the Chimps.

Save the Chimps has rescued over 330 captive chimpanzees like Angel. Many of the chimpanzees in our care endured years of a barren and lonely existence. Used in medical labs and the entertainment industry, they were isolated, living in conditions that go against their very nature. They grew bored and developed abnormal behaviors. But now they have an enriched outdoor environment, allowing them to roam, visit with friends, bask in the sun, or curl up in the shade.

Save the Chimps is committed to providing the chimpanzees with the best retirement possible. One way in which we ensure the chimpanzees well-being is through enrichment. Enrichment provides variety, choice, comfort, and fun for the chimpanzees. The result is happier and more active chimpanzees.

Sign your name to support enrichment programs for retired chimpanzees, and help us rescue more chimps like Angel!
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