Sign to oppose dumping toxic rat poison on the Farallon Islands!

The United States Department of the Interior's Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) plans to air-drop 2,917 pounds (that's 1.3 metric tons) of toxic rat poison pellets on the South Farallon Island.

WildCare strongly opposes this plan. Poison should never be the preferred option to control a pest problem. After rodents eat poison bait, they become sluggish and are easy prey. The negative effects of the poison move up the food chain, and our Wildlife Hospital regularly sees the disastrous effects of such poisons on animals like hawks, owls, foxes and raccoons that rely on rodents for food. Wildlife that consume poisoned rodents get sick or even die. Allowing this plan to move forward legitimizes the use of poisons as the go-to solution to a nuisance animal problem. Introducing this incredibly toxic poison to the fragile Farallon Islands ecosystem in massive quantities will have devastating effects on local wildlife, despite mitigation measures championed by USFWS.

There have been important advances in the use of harmless contraceptive rodent control baits, which are now in wide use for getting rid of rats and well along in the process of gaining licensing for the control of mice. Contraceptive baits don't spread throughout the food chain and therefore do not impact non-target wildlife. Other less- or non-toxic options exist to mitigate the impact of the mice and their predators on the wildlife of the islands.

Facing intense public opposition for many years now, the controversial Farallones Poison Drop plan was ultimately set aside by the Obama Administration. But unfortunately this scheme is coming back under the Trump Administration.

The USFWS is now planning to reapply to the Coastal Commission for approval in August, with an online Coastal Commission hearing about their Poison Drop application now anticipated in November.

Help Wildcare stop the poisoning of an entire ecosystem. Sign your name and urge The California Coastal Commission to deny approval of the Farallones Poison Drop plan and implement a more humane solution.
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