Stand With Uma To Help More Girls Around The World Get An Education.

A healthy baby girl was born in India. Her name was Uma. But to her father, she was a curse. Just because she was a girl.

"My father made it clear what the consequence would be if he'd married a woman who couldn't bear a son," Uma says. "She wouldn't have a life to live. And neither would her child — if that child was a daughter."

So Uma's mother took that child and ran. She believed her daughter was destined to be someone great — so she sent her to school.

Education became Uma's purpose in life. And she went on to fight for equal rights for girls. Her work changed perceptions about daughters in her culture.

"My fate isn't up for someone else to decide," Uma says. "I can make my own fate. And because my mom sent me to school, I did."

Today, we still live in a world where some fathers think that having a daughter is a burden. But when girls have an education, they use textbooks like armor. They wear it in the crusade to find out who they really are. And they become unbreakable.

Plan International USA works with communities around the world to advance children's rights and equality for girls. But we can't do this work without supporters like you. Will you join us?

Sign the petition today to show your support for educating girls around the world!
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