ADD YOUR NAME: Tell Congress to Renew Funding for the Rape Kit Backlog!

Established in 2004, the Debbie Smith Act provides state crime labs with critical funding to process rape kits so that DNA evidence may be used to hold perpetrators accountable, and offer survivors a chance at justice.

But this important law needs to be renewed, and the rape kit backlog is only growing bigger as demand increases for DNA analysis in criminal investigations.

Your voice is needed: Join RAINN in urging Congress to reauthorize the Debbie Smith Act, and provide vital funds to address the rape kit backlog.

As your constituent, I ask you to support funding to address the nation's backlog of untested DNA evidence from unsolved sex crimes, commonly referred to as the "rape kit backlog." Based on public reports, we know that more than 100,000 sexual assault forensic evidence kits ("rape kits") sit untested and unaccounted for, gathering dust on evidence room shelves or in warehouses. Each kit represents a survivor who deserves justice, and a potential serial criminal who may strike again.

Specifically, I urge you to please support continued funding for the purposes of the Debbie Smith Act, which ensures that public crime labs have the capacity to meet testing demand.

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