You can help end live export in Australia. Call on the agriculture minister to act now and ban the cruel live export trade.

There's no such thing as humane live exports.

Australian animals need you to spare them from a hellish commute and slow, painful slaughter.

Despite many years of public opposition and calls for change, Australia remains a significant player in the cruel live export industry. Millions of sheep and cattle suffer unnecessarily during live export because of the unbearable conditions on board — the extreme stress, illness and injury the animals endure can go on for journeys of up to 35 days.

Thousands of animals die in transit each year. Many of those that survive the journey are handled roughly at their destination, killed while fully conscious and many suffer outright brutality.

It's time to ban live animal exports. Moving from live export to the chilled and frozen meat trade will protect millions of animals from needless suffering, and independent research shows that this more humane alternative will protect Australian farmers, the economy and create new jobs.

This should be accompanied by further investment in more sustainable and humane plant-based options. By investing in this emerging industry, Australia could help to grow and improve this sector, creating jobs on the way.

Be part of the movement to End Live Export. Sign now and call on the Australian agriculture minister, Senator Murray Watt today to urgently introduce legislation phasing out this cruel trade. Together, we can help end the suffering of millions of animals.
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