Every year, thousands of saltwater crocodiles are farmed and killed in Australia for their skins. You can help stop this cruelty.

Ask the Environment Minister Sussan Ley to reject export permits for the new Hermès crocodile farm.

Luxury French brands, Hermès and Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the parent company of Louis Vuitton, are believed to own or control the majority of crocodile farms in the Northern Territory.

A report by World Animal Protection details the disturbing plan to greatly expand the Northern Territory farmed crocodile industry by French luxury goods company, Hermès. If their planned new farm is completed, it will hold up to 50,000 crocodiles.

Each one of these wild animals will have a short life in inadequate conditions before a cruel death. All to be turned into luxury handbags, belts and wallets. They are truly victims of fashion.

Crocodiles are sentient beings who can experience pain and pleasure. To keep them confined in small plastic-lined concrete enclosures for years before cruelly slaughtering them for non-essential fashion items is cruel. Send the Federal Government a clear message that you care about Australia's iconic salties.  

The report details why the plans for this farm should be stopped, and why the crocodile farming industry must be phased out, not only for animal welfare reasons, but to ensure Australia's international efforts to prevent future pandemics are not undermined.

Aussie crocs need you to stand up and take action. The Federal Government must act now to give crocodiles lives worth living.    

Call on the Environment Minister Sussan Ley to do the right thing by Australia's saltwater crocodiles today.
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