Act now to change the healthcare story in Africa!

Kadidja and his mom, patient in Senegal

Did you know 5 billion people worldwide lack access to safe, affordable surgery? In sub-Saharan Africa alone, 93% of people cannot afford medical care or live too far from a hospital to access treatment. Tragically, many children, women and men are living with treatable health conditions because they cannot get the treatments, or surgeries they need.

Mercy Ships responds by bringing state-of-the-art hospital ships run by volunteers to port cities, providing free healthcare surgeries, services, and medical capacity building. Mercy Ships' newest vessel, the Global Mercy (the world's largest civilian hospital ship) will more than double our capacity to respond to the healthcare crisis. Currently there are hundreds of volunteers, including Canadians, who are contributing to free lifesaving and/or life altering surgeries to people in great need onboard our hospital ship the Africa Mercy in Senegal.

Since 1978, Mercy Ships volunteers have worked in 55 countries, providing over $1.6 billion in aid to more than 2.7 million people. Canadians may be unaware of the dire and immediate need of surgical care in Africa - which is why YOUR help is needed!

ACT NOW to partner with Mercy Ships Canada, encourage volunteers and help change the healthcare story in Africa. Given the state of health care, you can help change the lives of adults and children like Kadidja.
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