Add your name to tell Trader Joe's to ditch plastic packaging!

Corporate plastic pollution is destroying our oceans and wreaking havoc on marine life. The equivalent of one garbage truck worth of plastic enters the oceans every minute. And the plastic doesn't stay there — many of it ends up on our plates as microplastic in fish and sea salt.

We've heard the corporate greenwashing about recycling, but only 9% of the plastic ever produced has been recycled. We need a new approach: Fixing the problem at the source.

Trader Joe's has an opportunity to play a leading role in phasing out throwaway plastic if we're ever going to turn the tide and preserve our oceans.

We're sold everything from basic foods to household goods — and even foods with a natural peel, like a banana — in single-use plastic that we have no choice but to dispose of; and even if we recycle, it might still end up in a landfill. We use a plastic wrapper for a moment but it ends up lasting a lifetime on our beaches, waterway, oceans, and environment.

It's time for Trader Joe's — and all supermarkets — to invest in alternatives and offer consumers sustainable packaging.

Tens of thousands of people have already called on Trader Joe's to ditch single-use plastic. Add your name and tell Trader Joe's and other major supermarkets to lead the way to healthier oceans and communities!
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