Ban 1080 Poison: It is indiscriminately killing wildlife, companion animals and placing human health at risk.

Sodium Mono Fleuroacetate, more commonly known as 1080, is one of the most deadly and cruellest poisons in use in Australia today. Recent approvals for automated bait release mechanisms along with relaxation of strict availability and control measures will see a dramatic increase, not only in the death of so called “ pest “ species, but a great many other specises from secondary contamination.

The effects of 1080 are horrendous. Painful, full body seizures, liquification and expulsion of internal organs through the mouth, nose etc, individual muscular groups going into spasm and intense pain are but a few of the effects.

Death is a slow, intensely painful process, taking anywhere from 5 hours to 3-5 days for larger mammals.

1080 is widely used in Australia as a Dingo and Fox killer, but its reach doesn’t finish there. Many non-target species also fall victim to it, along with many scavenger or carrion species such as Quolls and native Hawks and Eagles. This is because the poison stays live in the carcass for anywhere up to 9 months depending on weather conditions. The Dingo is especially at risk, with many family populations already wiped out.

Humans are also at great risk, as has been shown in New Zealand, where the aerial baiting (which is now increasingly used in Australia), has seen it show up in rivers and streams - , and in fish populations.

This horrendous poison is banned all around the world, including China and the entire E.U. because of its cruelty, the inability to contain its reach, and the uncontrollable risk to human health.

The Animal Justice Party is the only political party in Australia committed to banning this Schedule 7 poison, and to elevating the Dingo to a Nationally protected species in the process.

Please sign the AJP’s petition to Victorian Agriculture Minister, Jaala Pullford, and the Victorian Environment Minister, Lisa Neville.

For further information contact the AJP’s 1080 Campaign Manager, Andy Meddick on Facebook at Andy Meddick AJP. Thank you.

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Firma la petizione
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