Demand the eviction notices received by the residents of Borrisokane Riverside Centre be revoked.

    Back in 2019 the people of Borrisokane discovered that a direct provision centre was being opened in the town. There was a lot of concern over this so a town meeting was called following this a committee was formed. The Borrisokane Liaison Committee met with the department of justice representative along with property owners, the elected members of the Nenagh municipal district and the Council Executive. After long hours and several meetings an agreement was reached. Signed by the Mark Wilson principal officer for the department of justice equality international protection accommodation services. The points of the agreement were.
    The centre would only house families
    There would only be 16 families
    There would be no revolving door
    If and when the families received the right to stay in ireland if they so wished they could remain in the accommodation in the centre with either the assistance of HAP if needed or private rental to the property owners.
    In 2020 the property owners came to us to say the remaining 4 apartments had become available and wished to purchase therefore extending the number to 20 families we agreed to that.
    Up until March of this year 2024 all of the agreement had been honoured. The families were all well settled in the community. Within the schools and sporting clubs and other activities and parents are working. Everyone was happy especially the families as they found a place yo feel welcome and safe. 10 of the families were given eviction notices to find alternative housing if they couldn't then they would be put into emergency accommodation this is to make space for new Asylum seekers. The far reaching problems this creates is huge. Uprooting children from their schools & clubs taking them away from their friends and their home. The parents no longer being able to contribute to the exchequer as they are working but moving away from the area they would have to leave their jobs and lose their income so therefore would have to draw on social welfare. This is 100% against everything they want and against what the community want. We want our government to honour their agreement. If you can't trust the word of government where are we. We did everything asked of us. It's time the government are held accountable. Please sign this petition.
    Firma la petizione
    Firma la petizione
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