It's Way Past Time for Men's Restrooms to Have Changing Tables

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  • destinatario: W. Kent Taylor, Chairman & CEO, Texas Roadhouse
As a father of three, Donte Palmer has changed many diapers. It's a normal part of his day, just as it is for fathers all around the world. But when a photo of Donte changing his youngest son's diaper while squatting in a Texas Roadhouse bathroom stall went viral, Donte and families everywhere wondered, why don't most men's bathrooms have changing tables?

Please sign this petition asking Texas Roadhouse to be a leader and install changing tables in all of its men's restrooms across the country.

The family unit has undergone a huge shift in the last 50 years. Gone are the days when child rearing rested solely on the shoulders of a mother in a heterosexual, two-parent household. With more mothers and fathers sharing parenting duties, like diaper changing, and a growing number of single fathers and fathers in same-sex relationships, it's way past time for men's restrooms to have changing tables.

But many establishments have yet to update their facilities, leaving fathers to change their children's diapers in unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

Earlier this year, Canadian restaurant chain Tim Horton's announced it was adding changing tables to its men's rooms — a decision that was publicly lauded by families everywhere. And now we're asking Texas Roadhouse to do the same.

Texas Roadhouse, show your support for fathers and inspire others that to get with the times. Please install changing tables in your men's restrooms now.

Photo credit: Instagram
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