Stop the Trump Administration's Attacks on the LGBTQ Community

Civil rights protections for LGBTQ people are once again under attack. Under the First Amendment Defense Act, many organizations and businesses would be allowed to refuse service to same-sex couples — as long as they claim their actions are based on their beliefs about marriage and religion, the government would have little recourse.

Sign our petition now to denounce the First Amendment Defense Act and stand up for LGBTQ rights!

We've already witnessed extreme LGBTQ discrimination from this administration: when Trump leaked his vision for an executive order lisencing discrimination against LGBTQ people, he set a roadmap for his administration to carry out his disgraceful plan. HHS began the execution by creating an entire division to give cover to medical providers who want to refuse health care to LGBTQ people. Also on Trump's list: discrimination in emergency shelters and other lifeline programs paid for with taxpayer money.

Now, with the First Amendment Defense Act, members of Congress wants to give Trump the tools to permanently roll back critical LGBTQ protections. Just one example: this discriminatory Act will allow many taxpayer funded businesses to refuse to provide health care benefits to the same-sex spouse of an employee or even fire the employee for marrying.

Refuse to be silent while Trump and his backers take aim at our most fundamental rights!

Stop the First Amendment Defense Act: ADD YOUR NAME today so that we don't let Donald Trump have the last word on LGBTQ equality >>

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Firma la petizione
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