This Amendment Would Strip Constitutional Protections for Arkansans: Urge Your Legislator to Oppose SJR8!

As Arkansans, we know how important family, community, and quality of life are to all of us.

But special interests and a handful of politicians in Little Rock have threatened to destroy our constitutional protections and give politicians the power to set a government mandated one-size-fits-all price tag on human life.

This initiative, Senate Joint Resolution 8 (SJR8), would enable the Arkansas Legislature to set limits on the power of Arkansas juries and their decisions — even in cases where death or injury are involved. SJR8 would destroy our right to trial with a citizen jury not burdened by artificial government mandates — mandates that would be set by politicians rigging the system.

In other words, politicians and corporate lobbyists would decide a one-size fits all price on life if someone is killed or injured. That's just wrong.

This means that if you lose your spouse, your child, or your parent; if one of our veterans is injured or killed in a nursing home; or anyone you love suffers a life-altering injury that renders them disabled in any capacity, the value of his or her life would be mandated by politicians and corporate lobbyists at the State Capital rather than a citizen jury who had reviewed the facts.

Human life is priceless. When tragedy strikes in the form of a crippling injury, or a death in the family, circumstances forced upon those affected are complicated and far-reaching. Imposing this one-size-fits-all rule onto Arkansans is immoral and must be stopped.

If you want your legislator to stand up for Arksansas values and fight special interests motivated to rig our justice system for their own benefit, sign this petition to state your opposition to SJR8.


As your constituent and a citizen of Arkansas, I was bothered to learn that special interests and some politicians in Little Rock have threatened to destroy one of our constitutional rights and give politicians the power to put a one-size-fits all price tag on human life with SJR8.
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Firma la petizione
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