Cougar Hunting In The United States

In the United States, Cougars (also known as Mountain Lion or Puma) are being hunted. These magnificent cats are no threat to humans. It is a different story when one might snatch a lamb or two and you shoot one to protect your livestock, but hunting for sport it just terrible. The hunter goes out with up to 12 dogs and the dogs find it and corner it in a cave or up in a tree. The hunter will come maybe 10 minutes later and shoot the cat. These are beautiful animals, and they aren't even LC for conservation! They are NT which means "Near Threatened." Sign this petition so these animals have a chance of living and not getting any closer to endangered.
Dear President Obama,
 We the undersigned do not like the practice of shooting mountain lions. The Mountain Lion is a Near Threatened species in our country that is still hunted, even though it could be endangered. Many people would appreciate the ending of this cruel practice so that we still have these magnificent animals in our country. It is a different story if someone shoot one of these cats to protect their livestock, but the way people shoot these cats for sport is terrible. They corner the cat with up to twelve dogs and then the hunter arrives and shoots the animal. This is a very upsetting action and should be stopped. Thank you so much for even taking the time to read this letter!
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