Demand that Colonial Williamsburg Eliminate All Hog Roasts and its Hog to Ham Program

  • van: Ryan Phillips
  • ontvanger: The President of Colonial Williamsburg Mitchell Reiss

Colonial Williamsburg's Hog to Ham Program shows a complete disregard for the life of pigs. They believe that a the beheading of a pig can be celebrated by a smile and photo taking. Colonial Williamsburg should not be a place that caters to violence and cruelty by beheading and roasting hogs as part of a celebration.  How can we teach children kindness when we show them people taking such pleasure in harming a living creature for the unnecessary act of eating its dead body.

Dear Mitchell Reiss,

  We respectfully demand that you end all pig roasts and butchering of animals at Colonial Williamsburg.  Using the dead body of animals as props is unacceptable, unnecessary, and does nothing to promote the good of animals or society.  It only promotes violence towards animals, desensitizes viewers to the fact that a sentient being was killed and creates the belief that animals can be mistreated.  And as seen online, it appears that employees of Colonial Williamsburg believe that beheading animals is a source of pleasure worthy of a photo op.  Colonial Williamsburg should be a place safe for all families to come without fearing that they will expose their children to the outdated practice of treating animals as solely means to our ends.  Just as you do not recreate a real system of slavery as part of your historical presentation, there is no need to perform this cruel act towards animals.  The real story of Colonial Williamsburg is that the people fighting for independence were ahead of their time in demanding liberty and justice.  We demand that C.W. play this role again by ending the cruel practice of animal abuse and treating their dead bodies as props.  The only future humanity has is one where animal agriculture is long gone, please do not promote the future that leads to a dead planet destroyed by inhabitants too blind to realize that compassion towards animals would be good for them and the animals.

Thank you for ending all future pig roasts and the Hog to Ham Program.

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