The inhumane JAPANESE have lied for years, about research on WHALES -now they are increasing the killing of these MAJESTIC Mammals & creatures in their own Waters, under the guise of cultural reasons. Cannibalism was rampant in many Countries, and no longer permitted, as is hunting Elephants for tusks.
    Mammals are like humans, in fact, clearly more intelligent than the Japanese people by their ignorance and own history. The Japanese were the cruelest / ruthless of all Countries "EVER" during WW2 they still hypocritically continue on by slaughtering, these magnificent creatures and preserving them “now for our future generations” and the harmony - the balance of the entire Planet.
    The Japanese have not got the message yet from lady KARMA (Mother nature)their ancestor spirits; with all the catastrophes, nuclear plants spills, tsunami etc. Finally - I call on all Global leaders -people to boycott buying Japanese cars, banning them from the Baseball - Basketball, series, World cup football. In Australia, our culture is to “give a dam” and to stand up for those that cannot & all that is right. Send the Strongest message to all Countries (Nordic included) that Whale hunting is now “OFF the MENU” period
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    petitie tekenen
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