Seville's Bullfighting Industry Is Targeting Children To Grow Its Attendance

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: Spain's Ministry of Culture

A bullfighting management company in Seville, Spain is offering free tickets to children under eight to watch the sport – a vicious act where animals suffer and die for entertainment. This is an attempt to attract a younger audience during a time when the tradition is starting to die out, largely due to increasing criticism by animal lovers both in Spain and around the world. 

Sign the petition to demand that the local government in Seville finally outlaw bullfighting!

Just days before this announcement, Spain's Ministry of Culture abolished its national bullfighting award over concern for animal welfare. Between 2010 and 2023, the number of bullfighting festivals dropped by a third. It's clearly time for the tradition to become just a part of Spain's history rather than its present.

The Spanish Association of Veterinarians for the Abolition of Bullfighting has highlighted their concern for children who witness this kind of violence at a young age. The group worries that exposing children to bullfighting is not only harmful to their psychological development but also normalizes animal cruelty.

Supporters of bullfighting argue it is a cultural tradition and an art form, but we must question the morality of a tradition that involves the deliberate torment and killing of animals for sport. Additionally, public funds continue to support an industry increasingly viewed as barbaric and outdated, with nearly €6 million allocated to bullfighting foundations and breeders from 2020 to 2024. It's time to prioritize ethical education and compassionate values over preserving harmful traditions. 

Sign this petition to urge Seville's local authorities and Spain's Ministry of Culture to protect children from exposure to animal cruelty and to take a firm stand against bullfighting!

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