Urge Uniqlo and Miniso to stop using fur

    The other day I went to Miniso in Shanghai to buy a scarf and I got one that was very cute, or at least I thought. I gave it a wash and was about to put it on when something caught my attention. The scarf has 2 fur balls as decoration at both ends. I thought okay, no big deal, it's fake fur. But the softness of it made me look further and closer inspection proved what I was fearing most. The fur is real, ripped off the body of a poor animal... Then I decided to check the tag, which is only written in Chinese, and the translation says it is 100% rabbit fur. I am outraged, that in the world where fake fur exists and is as soft and plush as the real, they still use genuine fur and subject poor rabbits and other fur-bearing animals to cruel and merciless killing.
    Please urge owners of Miniso, company named Uniqlo to stop with this at once.
    petitie tekenen
    petitie tekenen
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