The Amazon Has Been Burning For Weeks, Demand Accountability!

The Amazon rainforest, sometimes referred to as the lungs of the earth, has been uncontrollably burning for weeks now. This may be the first you've heard of it given that mainstream media took 3 full weeks to decide this environmental destruction was worth covering. The fires were set by people looking to clear land and make money off of it, but now we need to hold them accountable!

Sign the petition to ask the Brazilian government to do something about the people who just decided to burn down this critical rainforest!

The reason these people felt empowered to just go ahead and burn things when they clearly didn't know how to do so safely is because the new president of Brazil doesn't care about the environment. He, like Trump, would prefer to support business instead of the earth. Now we need to put the pressure on to Brazilian officials to figure out who is responsible for this out of control burn and hold them accountable. 

Please sign the petition to demand justice!

There are normal, natural fires in every forest, including the Amazon. But experts say these fires are way above and beyond what's natural. This matters to every single person on the planet because the Amazon is literally one of our greatest sources of oxygen, it's critical for water sources in the region and scientists believe that many medical cures exist inside this forest. 

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