Lets ask CBSE - Why exclude transgenders from the text

The Indian Education system has always portrayed The NCERT textbooks as a frontier in the Indian Education policy for years and has been the watermark for transparency about all aspects , especially The Social Sciences. Hence in context to this the absence of the topic The Third Gender i.e. the commonly called 'transgenders' groups is quite uncanny. Even though not all deride them , a change can be brought in the mindsets if sensitization and awareness is given out .
Even though I have written a mail to the the NCERT for the same , but the reply hasn't been recieved and the reasons could be innumerable.

Hence I request all to support me on this petitional form , so that all of us can bring a difference in the minds of those who do not respect and understand that whom the consider a shade apart from us, don't just live with us ,but are a part of us . Let us stop those insensitive 'friday' targeted birthday wishes and those who see this day as a grey mark on our society. Let us bring out the change and make this equality happen.

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