Ban all plastic bags in the UK

A blight on the environment and clogging up our waterways. They have become a devastating and destructive force to wildlife. Plastic bags have been the cause of death of thousands of animals like fish, turtles and birds.

The Bangladesh government was the first to ban plastic bags in 2002, imposing a total ban on the bag. Rwanda, China, Taiwan and Macedonia have followed suit. Whilst the 5p fee in the UK has reduced plastic bag use, it doesn't go far enough.

Making this planet our own we have a duty of care to it, so that the animals and other creatures we live with are not affected by instruments of our creation.

This ban is essential for the cleanup process of not only our waterways but of our seas and oceans. This is one of many vital steps in recognizing the changes we will have to make to ensure that there are sufficient measures in place that will allow future generations to have access to the same environment as we have enjoyed.

I hope that I have sufficiently explained my position. Also, I would appreciate your support in planting this seed into the mindset of others with a view to becoming a plastic bag free society.

Many thanks for reading
With kind regards.

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