Slam Dunk the Junk! Demand an End to Litter!

Litter is an all-consuming worldwide environmental and social issue, there have been numerous complaints and incentives to stop this overflowing garbage in streets however, no modifications have been effective since litter still deteriorates neighborhoods. Lower-income areas like Queens are more prone to litter due to overpopulation and an ongoing social norm that littering is not a big issue. There is a lack of sanitation and importance to community surroundings. Litter: spreads disease, attracts pests, affects mental and physical health, and degrades community unification. Don't all people deserve a clean and safe environment? Working to spread knowledge on the severity of this social norm through local organizations and campaigns will enlighten people on ways to manage and report trash, and will enforce a new incentive to make more improved trash cans available on streets. This objective will spread awareness and address more funds and government enforcement, like fines, to fight litter. Sign today! This petition will incite a change and will acknowledge that there is numerous support for this issue, be the one to say SLAM DUNK THE JUNK!

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