Take Action To End Ivory Trade, Elephant Poaching And Trophy Hunting, Now!

Elephant Poaching and Trophy Hunting is a booming industry that has received more and more media attention attracting advocates to ban the ivory trade throughout the U.S. It is our job to join together and help end the ivory trade in the U.S and end the massacre of these majestic animals.

Brutal poachers, buyers, and sellers believe in the myth of Ivory having healing capabilities that have been disproven by science numerous times and is labeled to be nothing more than a cultural Myth.

However, despite being a cultural myth Jefferey Gettleman a writer from the New York Times has reported a record-breaking 38.8 tons of ivory seized worldwide by law enforcement officials. After traveling to prominent ivory trading cities Jeffery Gettleman recorded this number and other shocking statistics in his article "Elephants Dying in Epic Frenzy as Ivory Fuels Wars and Profits" published by the New York Times. 38.8 tons of ivory is equal to or more than 4,000 dead elephants and yet, despite that shocking number, it does not compare to the shocking 20,000 African Elephants who are reported to be killed each year for their tusks.

Published by Traffic the article "Asian Crime Syndicates based in Africa Fuell Illegal Ivory Surge" found that most ivory trades are African based and Asian run syndicates but although knowing this, it is a travesty to know parts of the U.S still take a part in these trades. California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Washington are the only states with their own ivory bans and it is important for us to use our voices to end the trade of ivory nationwide. It is our duty as Americans and humans to sympathize with these majestic creatures who are killed or have their tusks sawed off before them and left to die a cruel and painfully slow death.

The loophole of selling ivory items in pawn shops and other markets located in the U.S by labeling them as "Antiques" is a growing problem and it is only going to become worse. In order for us to stop the Ivory trade in the U.S, we have to ban Ivory trade entirely and it is possible with everyone's help.

So please sign this petition to tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that you want the trade of ivory and ivory altogether banned nationwide to save these creatures from countless and needless painful deaths.

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