Exeter City Council: Keep Our Public Toilets Open

Exeter City Council wants to close 15 public toilets across the city. The full rationale behind it is detailed here - https://exeter.gov.uk/people-and-communities/council-news/jan-2019-news/closure-of-public-toilets/

I strongly disagree with this, and believe it is discriminatory towards people with certain medical conditions, and the homeless. What's more, it will put increasing pressure on small businesses for their facilities. I have also seen comments that it will make the working day more difficult for bus drivers. While there are valid concerns about vandalism and drug use, closing public services will do nothing to stop the vandalism. The City Council must reconsider their position.
Update #23 maanden geleden
Thank you to the more than 6500 people who have signed this petition! Please keep sharing so that we can show how important it is to keep public toilets open in Exeter.

The City Council have launched a consultation on this issue, I urge you all to fill it out and make your views strongly heard - www.exeter.gov.uk/toiletconsultation

This will be particularly important if you, a friend or family member is affected by the closures.

Thank you for your support.

Joe Levy
Exeter resident
Update #14 maanden geleden
Thank you to all of you who have signed up so far! Please keep sharing with your friends. The City Council Executive will be discussing this issue on the 15th January (only 3 days away!), so we need to get as many signatures as we can before then!

Kind Regards,

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