Declare 'International Wolf Day' !

  • van: Anonymous
  • ontvanger: United Nations, World Wildlife Fund

Wolves are the forefathers of all dogs, and although early man's alliance with the wolf helped to assure man's survival, the wolf is the most persecuted, maligned, and misunderstood animal in the world.
An International Wolf Day would put the wolf in a positive light, after generations of being unjustly feared and condemned due to fairy tales, legends, fictional movies, folklore, and special interest groups.

In truth, the wolf is an iconic animal who is the true symbol of the wilderness. The wolf as an apex predator balances nature and helps the ecology; with an admirable true nature of loyalty to the pack, intelligence, independence, and of no safety threat to man.

International Wolf Day would open the dialogue for educating our children on the importance of keystone predators in nature's design and for a healthy ecology.

Wolves are currently being massacred in the Northwest and Great Lakes regions of the United States, despite the protest of many---including Native American tribes.

Please consider giving the wolf his own day to restore a reputation unjustly stolen, and to make the wolf representative of Earth's disappearing wildlife; because of the relentless persecution against wolves -- they need special consideration.

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