Stopping Animal Abuse Can Help Prevent Domestic Violence

The link between animal abuse and human violence, especially violence against women, has been well-documented. According to one study, 71 percent of domestic violence survivors reported that their abusers had also harmed their pets. The Humane Society of the United States has also found that animal abuse and neglect can be a warning sign and predicting factor for domestic violence and other forms of abuse.

If we want to protect people, and women in particular, from violence, it makes absolute sense that we take animal abuse very seriously. That's why we're calling on members of Congress to address the link between animal abuse and human violence and take action.

Animal abuse is a horrific crime on its own, but when you factor in the likelihood that the violent behavior will escalate into more animal abuse and future violence against people, it's downright frightening.

There have been steps taken to address the link between animal abuse and human violence. The FBI began tracking animal cruelty cases in a database, and earlier this year, Congress passed the PAWS Act, which expanded domestic violence protections to include victims' pets.

But what if we did more to stop violence from escalating in the first place, like mandatory counseling or rehabilitation for first time offenders?

If we know that animal abusers are more likely to become domestic violence offenders, there's no reason not to do more to protect women. Please sign this petition demanding that members of Congress pass legislation to curb the escalation of violence by animal abusers.
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