A Pilot Is Dead in Yet Another Gender Reveal Party Gone Wrong

For some reason, people are still doing gender reveal parties in the year of 2023. And even though researchers, doctors, and psychologists agree that an unborn child's biological sex doesn't have any relationship to their chosen gender identity and presentation, people keep hosting gatherings where they obnoxiously reveal if a child "will be a boy or girl" with blue smoke or pink balloons. But a recent gender reveal party in Mexico was uniquely devastating, and may have resulted in the death of a pilot.

Authorities in Mexico haven't stated what caused the crash, but this incident must be fully investigated!

Sign now to demand a full investigation into the crash and public education campaign against these outlandish, gender-reveal-related stunts!

It is beyond comprehension that a couple's need to reveal a not-yet-born baby's sex potentially led to the death of a pilot. And this incident is, unfortunately, one of many that turn deadly or dangerous. From gender-reveal fireworks that led to a forest fire in California to a Brazilian couple dyeing a river blue, people around the world are engaging in dangerous, brazen acts in the name of "revealing" their baby's "gender."

We must put pressure on the Mexican federal government to investigate this incident fully and create a public education campaign that tells the public not to engage in these types of outrageous and dangerous gender reveal stunts! Sign now if you agree!
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