Girls are as strong as boys are so let's be treated like it

    I am a 11 year old girl and I love sports my favorite is basketball but I really do not like the way us girls are getting treated to try out for the Basketball traveling team girls have to be 4th grade or older but boys can be in 3d grade and some people might just think it's only a year difference but think about how the third grade girls feel they have to watch the fourth grade boys as they get to try out and explore new things and they don't get to think about how they feel and boys get to try out twice they get two chances and the girls don't they only have one and if they screw it up they don't get another chance and that is it for them I am might only be 11 and you might think I can't do much but you are rong and if we can fix this think what else we can do.
    petitie tekenen
    petitie tekenen
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