Silsoe - Road Safety. Real and Effective Traffic Management

Problem. Traffic. Volume and speed within the village

Solution:  A top level meeting to discuss the issues identified in the petition white paper issued to CBC (Highways) in June

Example solutions:  
Solution. Avg Speed cameras (Ampthill Road, Newbury Lane, High Street)

Solution.  Amend the traffic speed from Taymar roundabout entrance (South) to SIlsoe to 30mph.  Amend the traffic speed from North Entrance to Village to 30mph.  Amend the traffic speed on Ampthill Road to 30mph from the A507 to High Street

Solution. One way in and out of the Village (in from the North, Out from the South)

Solution. Change orientation of Ampthill Road, Newbury Lane to make them all Give way.

Solution. No right turn from A507 to Silsoe, only to FLitton and Beaumont Farm HGV

Solution. Speed bumps (as per Lilley, not speed tables as they are ineffective)

Solution. Enforce Traffic exiting Wrest Park to ONLY turn Left as per Lease.

Solution. Adopt 20mph Speed limit on estate South of the village

Solution. Add Chicanes on Ampthill Road, Newbury Lane and High Street

Solution. Add dedicated entrance to Wrest Park from A6

Solution. Widen A6 to 3 lanes at Flying Horse to stop queueing and desire to rat run via Silsoe

Solution. Make Wrest Park gated access outside of opening hours

Solution.  Double Yellow lines on the high street (by the Shop) or Bollards to stop cars bumping up on the pavement

Solution. Widen the Silsoe Bypass to ease the need to use Silsoe as the diversion route for A6 closure.  And to stop the need for Silsoe to be a rat run

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