Where Are Fathers Supposed to Change Their Kid's Diapers?

Two years ago, we had our first child, and like many modern families, we decided that we'd both continue working and share parenting duties.

Unfortunately, sharing those duties is not always so simple. Take, for instance, changing diapers. Step into most men's public bathrooms and you'd be hard-pressed to find a changing table — making it extremely difficult for fathers to change diapers when out in public. Without a changing table, this simple, everyday necessity becomes an extreme burden.

That's why we were excited to hear that, beginning this year, New York will require public restrooms for all genders to have changing tables. And now, we're challenging our home state of Pennsylvania to follow suit!

Please sign this petition urging Pennsylvania to require changing tables in men's public restrooms throughout the state.

The family unit has undergone a huge shift in the last 50 years. With more working mothers than ever and a growing number of single fathers and fathers in same-sex relationships, the days of child rearing resting solely on the shoulders of a mother in a heterosexual, two-parent household are long gone.

But even though society has changed, our facilities have not. It's way past time to change that.

Our son may be out of diapers now, but it's not too late to help other families. Sign now and let's make sure that all public bathrooms in Pennsylvania have changing tables.
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