Stop the Deerfield Fair’s (NH) Cruel Pig Scrambles

    On Saturday, September 29, at 12 pm, piglets will be taken away from their mothers and put in a pen full of human children solely to be terrorized. In this terrifying event, baby pigs are chased around by kids as they fearfully try to escape the attacks, which include being jumped on, grabbed, and carelessly thrown in bags - all in the name of "entertainment."

    Did you know that studies show pigs are as smart as 3 year-old humans and smarter than dogs? Pigs are highly intelligent beings with the capacity to perform many intellectually challenging tasks, form bonds with their friends and families, and, more importantly, they are sentient beings who have the capacity to feel pain, fear, love, and joy. Being aware of this, why would anyone want to unnecessarily harm these innocent animals?

    Let's not teach our kids to bully and abuse innocent and defenseless beings, but rather, lets inculcate love and respect for all forms of life by offering fun, non-violent, and engaging activities that don’t harm others.

    Please ask the board of directors’ Don Wyman and the other members and organizers to stop this cruel activity, which serves no good or purpose whatsoever, by signing this petition. Also, please send a respectful email to the board at: asking for an end to this travesty.

    Deerfield Fair organizers and board of directors, please consider this: the pig scramble will create a negative impression of your town. It may bring in some revenue, but in the long run it will only cause you to lose money and stigmatize your community. When people hear Deerfield, NH, they will not think of the nice place and people, but rather, they will associate it with the town that supports animal cruelty and the abuse of baby animals for entertainment.

    Please set an example for children and the community. Save these babies from this traumatizing experience by offering fun and compassionate alternatives at the fair instead of exploiting and harming defenseless piglets. Let these piglets be in their own environment. They don't deserve the stress of being chased around by kids and forced into bags.

    Please cancel the Pig Scramble!
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