End Cat Meat Eating/Export/Inport in Vietnam | MeowProtect

  • van: MeowProtect Team
  • ontvanger: President Of Vietnam;Ministry of Culture,Sports and Tourism

Over 1 million cats are killed for consumption in Vietnam every year, according to animal welfare organizations.
Stolen from the streets and people's homes, crammed into small cages for days on end whilst the sellers ensure they have enough to earn a profit before transporting, often with no food, water or ventilation - these are the cruel conditions many of these beloved pets have to endure before arriving on someone's plate. The survivors of this journey who haven't succumbed to dehydration, exhaustion or injuries from the capture, then have to suffer even further by being individually drowned in a bucket.
(Taken From VNExpress International) - e.vnexpress.net/news/perspectives/the-grim-reality-of-the-cat-meat-industry-in-vietnam-4719464.html
Find it here: https://e.vnexpress.net/news/news/official-calls-for-dog-cat-meat-ban-in-hanoi-4625469.html

FIRST GOAL (04/June/2024) : 1000 Signatures

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