Demand Miss NH to Stop Accepting a Fur Coat Made From Tortured Animals!

  • van: Kristina Snyder
  • ontvanger: Bill Haggerty President of Miss NH Org, and Claudette Jolin Vice President, other Board of Directors, New Hampshire

Every year for decades now the Miss New Hampshire Organization has accepted a fur coat made from dozens of skinned wild animals from NH trappers and the NH Trappers Association. There are less than 500 trappers in the state of NH, mostly men, and trapped animals can be bludgeoned, drowned or suffocated. This fur coat acceptance is an antiquated tradition and does not reflect modern times and trends. Today in 2019 there is irrefutable proof that these animals suffer in these traps and can be tortured by trappers. Proof that is provided by the trappers themselves through the videos, pictures and comments they post!

There are major cities today in the US and around the world that have banned the sale of fur, and many states are on the way to banning trapping by the cruel methods still used here in New Hampshire. Large upscale fashion designers have gone fur-free as well.

It is time that the Miss New Hampshire Organization and indeed Miss America's as well, takes a stand against cruelty to animals and says NO to this fur coat! These young women are supposed to reflect today's society and trends. They should show independence, compassion, and caring towards animals. By staying stuck in the past and accepting a fur coat made from tortured animals, instead it shows a regressive stance by this organization.

Miss New Hampshire, please take a stand against this fur coat and stand up for the innocent animals that are our precious wildlife here in NH! In doing so this organization will come out of a bygone era and reflect modern times.

To find out the truth about trapping please check out this FB page that exposes trapping in NH.

Update #27 maanden geleden
Miss New Hampshire Org says they will keep the NH Trappers as gift sponsors and will keep accepting that fur coat! We need to reach out to MIss NH's monetary sponsors and ask them to take a stand and stop supporting MIss New Hampshire then! Millennium Running supports the Miss NH Org, send them a message, tweet to them and tell them you can not support their company as long as they keep supporting Miss NH and therefore cruel trapping!
Update #19 maanden geleden
We are having a protest this Saturday, April 27th against the Miss New Hampshire pageant. This is the night they award the winner and the fur coat. Despite the majority of the public being against cruel trapping and fur, the organization is still catering to 438 trappers and upholding this ridiculous tradition. If you can join us, here is the Facebook link with details about the protest. Thank You!
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