Cluster Munitions Create Civilian Deaths. The U.S. Must Not Add Them to the Ukraine-Russia War.

The U.S. has just made a weapons decision that could hurt countless civilians and is alarming to international organizations.

After months of consideration and debate, the Biden administration has decided to provide the Ukrainian military with cluster munitions. These are highly dangerous weapons that explode and split apart in the sky, spraying a huge area with smaller "bomblets" that explode again, killing indiscriminately.

Obviously we must stand with Ukraine as the country fights for its very existence against Putin's tyrannical land-grab. But stooping to this level is not the way. We cannot put civilians in harm's way!

Most of the world has banned these weapons. In fact, more than 120 countries around the world have signed a convention against using cluster munitions - but not Russia, the U.S., or Ukraine.

One of the big reasons cluster munitions are considered so controversial is because, not only do they spray smaller submunitions that can kill civilians, but those bomblets also have a high rate of not exploding when they're supposed to. That leaves them lingering around, with the potential to randomly detonate later on - causing even more death and chaos.

There's a reason so many countries are in agreement that cluster munitions are unacceptable.

Sign the petition to ask the Biden administration to reverse its decision on cluster munitions. These weapons are banned around the world for good reason. The U.S. must not reduce itself to this low level. Civilian safety must come first!
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