Female Flight Attendants Are Forced To Wear High Heels While Working

It would make us laugh, if it wasn't real. Female flight attendants at Norwegian Air must follow an extremely strict dress code which includes high heels and makeup. No, it's not 1965, it's just an old-fashioned sexist airline. 

Sign on to tell Norwegian Air to ditch their discriminatory dress code today! 

This dress code is also dangerous for women's health. Wearing high heels all day can be exceedingly bad for your body. Flight attendants forced to wear heels for hours on end is more than unnecessary, it could be dangerous for them – and to the passengers they serve. 

If Norwegian Air staffers want to opt out of the sexist policy, the company requires them to get a doctor's note that is updated every 6 months. This is just another cost, time expense, unnecessary burden that female staffers must deal with in order to do their job.

Beside being extremely sexist, this dress code is also discriminatory. Make-up costs money for one thing and the the dress code only requires women to wear it, while banning men from wearing any makeup – talk about antiquated!

The dress code is literally 22 pages long. Uniforms make sense in a professional setting, but the added rules that are specifically about enforcing gender norms and ultimately making things harder for women are just silly. 

Sign on if you think the high heel requirement for female flight attendants should end.

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