Stop the shameful slaughter of horses by our country, Canada

Stop the shameful slaughter of horses! It is known by few that Canada does this dirty work. The USA ships live horses to Canada and Mexico for slaughter, because it is not legal to butcher these animals in the USA.

The horses are often wild mustangs and they are terrorized while being rounded up using helicopters. They are sorted and many bought by kill buyers to ship to our country. The animals are transported in overcrowded filth without food or water. The "processing" is horrific and inhumane. Some foals are shipped live to Japan for sushi-type food consumption.

Once you know this you have a responsibility to stop this. Our country should not be known for doing this dirty work. Please sign this petition and forward to your network via social media so we can stop this. You CAN make a difference.

Horses are sentient beings capable of every human emotion....including forgiveness. Please say NO to this cruelty. Unite as Canadians and mindful citizens from other countries who will not support this dirty work.
We will no longer tolerate the slaughter of horses in our country of Canada.

I will forward this petition to decision makers and animal rights organizations in Canada.

Update #47 maanden geleden
Hello all,
It has come to my attention that the agriculture minister is now:
If you wish to fwd the petition to her use this e address.
Update #37 maanden geleden
Hello and thankyou for your ongoing support. With over 200,000
Signatures now I am resending the petition and ask you each to take a moment to do the same
Simply fwd petition to Lawrence MacAulay PCMP minister of Agriculture and Agriculture-food.
This is part of the problem...horses should NOT be classified as agrifood.
Email is:
Thankyou so much from the horses, jacqueline

Update #2Een jaar geleden
Thankyou everyone for your passionate concern. I have sent the petition to Canada’s prime ministers office. As a result I have been referred to two M Ps. Both have sent response letters.
They are conciliatory but not action oriented.
We need to push forward. I am open to your suggestions.
Best regards, jacqueline
Update #1Een jaar geleden
Hello and thankyou!
I am grateful and overwhelmed at your support. Just want to inform you that with this strength in numbers I am now forwarding our petition to decision makers within the Canadian government.
I am also connecting with equine welfare advocates in both Canada and the US.
Thankyou again,
Jacqueline for the horses
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