Stopping the misuse of weed and vapes on the school campus.

    Both weed and vapes effect kids by a lot. Weed effects the learning of a person. Not only does it effect one persons learning but the secondhand smoke could affect other people. The smoke contains hundreds of toxic chemicals and can cause cancer. It could be very harmful to young people. Then, there’s vapes, misused by all young adults. Many teens at this very moment are in the hospital because of misuse of vapes. Not only are they risking their lives to vape but they’re also missing school time. Even when they’re in school they're skipping or going to the bathrooms to vape. By doing this they’re hurting themselves and their learning. So I’ve made this petition to stop this misuse on campus. Signing this will start quick and easy bag checks for kids that are known to bring weed and or vapes on campus. It would also include stricter punishments for kids that get caught with weed and or vapes.
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