Demand that advocats for cats can continue their spay and neuter program in Hawaii

  • van: Tamara Tavernier
  • ontvanger: We ask Governor Ige NOT to sign this heartless bill

The dlnr announced they are going to forbid people to feed feral cats that live in harbors. They want to DISPOSE ...YES THAT'S THE WORD THEY WERE USING !!!!!! OF THESE CATS.. While advocats for cats has volunteers to feed and capture them to be spayed and neutered, they still want to DISPOSE these animals. Help us to protest this heartless action.

They say bird population is effected because of the cats, but it's actually the mongoose that we're introduced by humans that wiped out most of the bird population.

Spay and neuter release works. The population shrinks and cats get fed so they don't hunt for birds. 

It's a win win.

Help us dealing with this problem in a humane way.

We ask governor Ige to communicate and work with us and NOT to sign this heartless bill.


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