Thank Toronto Library for Standing for Free Speech and NOT Cancelling Meghan Murphy

    Meghan Murphy is scheduled to speak at Toronto Library-Palmerston on October 29. Politicians including Toronto Mayor John Tory, NDP's Bhutila Karpoche, Jill Andrew and Morgane Oger are trying to pressure the library to cancel. Head librarian Vickery Bowles has stuck to her guns and will not cancel Murphy. Sign this petition to thanks Bowles and to ask her to hold strong.
    Update #23 maanden geleden
    Dear Librarian Bowles,

    Below is a link as well as a PDF attachment of 1,370 signers from Toronto and other places throughout the world *supporting* Meghan's Murphy's right to free speech as well as supporting the rights of those who are going to hear Ms. Murphy tonight.

    Thank you for standing for the right of Murphy and tonight's audience.

    Brandy Baker
    Resident of the Parkdale neighborhood of Toronto for 4 years

    *addesses are not on the PDF, nor are names of anonymous signers
    Update #14 maanden geleden
    Hello Everyone, Thank you so much for signing! Now, Toronto PRIDE is bullying the Toronto Public Library and threatening to exclude TPL from all future PRIDE events.
    Show solidarity with the Toronto Library. You can:
    -Send this petition to others
    -Tweet the Vickery Bowles support on Twitter @vbowlestpl as well as tweet support to the Toronto Library @torontolibrary
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