Stop the Extended, Inhumane Killing of Black Bears Through 2028!

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: New Jersey Division of the Fish and Game Council

New Jersey's Fish and Game Council recently voted to extend black bear hunting through May 2028. The reasoning given is to reduce human-to-bear conflicts and manage the bear population, but this approach is outdated, cruel, and lacks a firm scientific basis. Despite the outcry from environmental groups and animal rights activists, the state is pressing ahead with the hunt.

Sign the petition to demand New Jersey stop the extended bear hunts and implement a non-lethal approach to bear management!

Months after 114 bears were killed last December, the state is gearing up for more hunts, scheduled twice a year in multiple counties until 2028.

The justification for these hunts is flawed. While the state claims that the bear population and bear-to-human interactions have increased, there has been no exhaustive effort to implement non-lethal management methods. More than $344,000 was spent on an education campaign in fiscal year 2022, but this has not been coupled with tangible actions like stricter garbage management rules.

Sign the petition to demand New Jersey halt the extended bear hunts and adopt a humane, effective approach to bear management!

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