Tell the Government of the Netherlands to Ban Mega Stalls

In the Netherlands there are 12,000,000 pigs. Out of sight and confined in deplorable conditions. The government has allowed the building of mega stalls which confine more than 20,000 pigs at any given moment. On July 27, one caught fire and more than 20,000 pigs lost their lives. The numerous fire trucks could do very little to stop the burning of the enormous building. It burned completely. The pigs had no way to escape. Again August 14th of August in Agelo, another mega stall caught fire killing hundreds of mothers and their piglets.

Tell the Dutch government to ban mega stalls and phase out pig farming. It is cruel, harms the environment and  our health (see pig farming, antibiotic use and superbugs).

Holland lead the world in animal welfare. Be the first to say no to the pig farming industry.


Update #32 jaar geleden
Dear Signers of Tell the Government of the Netherlands to Ban Mega Stalls,

Another fire in a mega stall in the Netherlands in Agelo.

Apologies for the terrible news. It shows what an odious business this is.

Kind regards,

Update #22 jaar geleden
Dear Signers,

Thank you so much for your support! I include an interesting article about animal farming and climate change.

If people don't care about the animals, they must care about themselves and their families.

Please forward and help in the spread of the petition.

Many thanks!

Update #13 jaar geleden
Dear Signers of Tell the Government of the Netherlands to Ban Mega Stalls.

The owner of the mega stall that burned has the right to build another stall, and it is being said, at least make it a fire proof stall.

I say no, no more mega stalls. There is more wrong with mega stalls than the fire hazard. Mega stalls endanger pigs, the environment and our health.

IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY, PLEASE SHARE THIS PETITION . I believe most people agree with us they just need to be nudged.
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