Support a New Oyster Farmer and Community Engagement Centre on the Macleay River

We are seeking your support for our project to build a new shed on the Macleay River at South West Rocks so local oyster farmers can invite the local community to participate in educational and social events with a goal of strengthening ties within the community.

At present there are no facilities available for oyster farmers to engage with the local community. This facility will allow us to host community meetings to be able to demonstrate varied oyster farming methods used on the river as well as hosting oyster tasting and other social events.

The facility will be based at a working farm so it will be possible to host tours for local schools in a safe and informative manner. Also, for older students, it would be possible to hold careers events and to host work experience candidates.

A lot more oyster lovers in the community would consume oysters in the shell (as opposed to opened oysters) if they knew how to open oysters. The facility will allow community members to drop by and learn these skills in a fun environment.

The facility will be located in rural farmland on the river providing an enjoyable natural environment for the local community to enjoy.

Please sign our petition to show your local support. Many thanks!

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