End Beard Discrimination at Mister Car Wash!

My husband was blessed with a beautiful soft auburn beard that made me feel at home. But that beard has been wrongly taken from me. I miss that beard.

He has a great full-time job with benefits but to make ends meet he picked up a part-time job at a car wash (where we both met and used to work in 2011) and works there nights and weekends. Back when we met, beards were free to live on the faces of hard-working employees, it was a simpler time.

However, Mister Car Wash bought the local car wash (land of free beards) a few years back and implemented a dreaded NO FACIAL HAIR policy. Why? No really, why? .....exactly.

I emailed corporate with my concerns, and though it caught some attention at a local meeting, I want to put an end to beard discrimination forever! Let me just ask you, what effect does a beard have on hard work or doing their job? (zero). Who does that beautiful beard hurt, gleaming in the sunlight as the sales advisor approaches your vehicle? (no one).

I mean, think about it, personally I want my car wash employees to get down to business. Show me a manly beard on the boys in the front doing the initial wipe down and I know my car is about to get SCRUBBED, okay?

Listen, I'm not saying everyone needs a beard, beauty is in the eye of beard-holder after all.
I'm just saying we should not let some corporate fools trying to take away our rights!


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