Get paid to Wait

I apply to a Home Health Aid Agency called HCS located in Bronx,NY. Ive sign paper work that involves HHA worker to commit to a 6 month contract, because of the contract I'm not allowed to work at a different agency I have to make HCS my priority if i dont do, so my certification will be obsolete. The contract also mention job placement and a free training course, the course began on September 9, 2019 Monday - Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Ive Completed the HHA training program on October 1,2019; it's the ending of October 2019. its been almost a month and I do not have a case, Ive contacted the agency multiple time requesting for a Coordinator whom assigns casses to Aids. There really is'nt anyone particular, which mean to me there unorganized. Get Paid To Wait is a Idea and a Solution that can help many Aids in New York whom are employed by Care Giver Agency such as HCS. Care Giver Agencies should compensat Aids whom have completed all documentations and whom been giving a case number and waited for weeks . The agencies should reach out to Aids whom are certified, but still waiting for a case. The agency should reach out to aid whom need additional documentations and set appointment dates. The agency should have a secure and safe place to keep documents/file, if any document/file missing and it cause a incompletion which may prolong  Aids to have a case to began work, it should be a violation and a penalty, the agencies should compensate the Aids. If agencies have contracts that abide Aids from applying to other care giver agencies for employment the contract should be revoked, if the Aids have not had a case in 3 weeks and Aids should continue to be certified untill a renewal of the certificate. the Agency should pay wages to Aids whom have waiting for 2 to 3 weeks to get a case. we are all humans being who is trying to make a living and we are being held back, because agencies are unorganized and isn't reaching out to people. People have sacrifice their time and money to become Certified Aids. Looking for another job or career doesnt make up for the SACRIFICES people have made such as myself. And I will mention that working for a different job temporally can cause an unrehirable status..

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