Demand the Ban of GoGaudian's privacy violating software

I am a student, and my personal experience with GoGuardian's program has been nothing short of invasive. My teachers, at any given moment, can seize control of my computer without any means for me to prevent it. They end up closing most of the tabs that I have open for research and some of them impose an absurd limit of just three tabs.

This is not just about me; this is about all students who are subject to this intrusive software. The use of such programs infringes on our privacy rights and hinders our ability to learn effectively. According to a study by the National Education Policy Center, surveillance technologies like GoGuardian can lead to a climate of mistrust in schools (NEPC, 2020).

Furthermore, these programs may also violate student privacy laws such as FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) by allowing third parties access to students' online activities without explicit consent from parents or guardians.GoGuardian also can track our devices; another clear violation of our privacy.

It's time we take action against this invasion into our personal space and learning environment. We demand that schools cease using GoGuardian's program or similar intrusive software immediately. By signing this petition, you are supporting students' rights to privacy and effective learning environments free from unwarranted surveillance.

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