Indonesia: Protect children from harmful tobacco farming

Right now children in Indonesia are allowed to work in tobacco fields, exposing them to nicotine poisoning from tobacco plants.

The government has recently passed a law to prevent children from working with harmful chemicals and if tobacco is included in that list it will remove hundreds of children from working in tobacco fields.

Indonesian parents are not educated or informed on the dangers of sending their children to work in tobacco fields and are often put in the position by needing income for their families. However, the government does know the risk and needs to ensure that children are protected.

Sign today to protect children from harmful tobacco farming. By signing today you are helping hundreds of children from getting hurt by nicotine poisoning.

To President Joko Widodo, 

As someone who cares about children, I am deeply concerned about children working on tobacco farms in your country and their exposure to nicotine poisoning from these farming activities. 

You already have laws in place protecting children from the effects of harmful chemicals and these laws need to include tobacco as the health effects of nicotine exposure are dangerous for children. 

I urge you to put tobacco into the harmful chemicals category for child labour so that hundreds of children can be removed from tobacco fields and protect their health. 

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