Save the OPT Wolfpack in Washington!

There are many reasons to be concerned for the Togo Wolfpack here in Washington State. I will post the links for more information, but they are trying to kill off the rest of the pack because the male pack leader got onto a farm and killed a calf and injured another. Farmers in the area were outraged and are trying to kill off the rest of the pack because of the one wolf's instinctual mistake. We have a very safe Sanctuary that is willing to take these wolves, unharmed with no problems if we can get enough people to sign this petition and be on the Wolves sides. Otherwise these creatures may not have another fighting chance and will be euthanized unsparingly and probably very inhumane. If you are any type of animal lover and care about these wolves and the animals who cannot speak for themselves and are only doing what they know which is to hunt, live, feed their pack and pups then please sign this petition. If you feel for any reason you cannot sign then please share. Please join the Facebook group save the Togo Wolfpack for more information and updates! 

Update #5Een jaar geleden
I have not gotten any update for these wolves unfortunately.
Update #4Een jaar geleden
There has been no update posted to the fish and wildlife website and no contact has been made with the two wolves so they are still alive I am hoping they reach out to myself or the rescue center please keep sharing and signing you have no idea how thankful we are for your help and support you can add yourself to the Facebook group save the Togo Wolfpack for more updates as well
Update #3Een jaar geleden
I have been in contact with the rescue center everyday and am waiting for a call to come and get the wolves I appreciate everyone's support and signatures more than you know the wolves are still alive and they stopped pursuing them at about 5 last night I have contacted an animal Advocate lawyer here in Washington to see if he may be able to help us out and I'm waiting to hear back from him. Please continue sharing and signing I have a group on Facebook called save the Togo Wolfpack please join
Update #2Een jaar geleden
I have been in contact with Washington fish and game these wolves are still alive and I'm trying to get as many people to sign and share as I can please keep posting and sharing so that these wolves can be saved. The Juvenile and male are staying away from each other and the juvenile does not have a GPS collar so they are unable to locate they are trying to wait until they are together to legally kill them. Please join my Facebook group called Save the Togo Wolfpack for more updates!
Update #1Een jaar geleden
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