The City of Tyler and Smith County Need To Be Mandatory Spay and Neuter. Please SIGN

  • van: Cindy N
  • ontvanger: City and County Officials

I honestly don't think the people of Tyler and Smith County realize what a problem we have when it comes to stray dogs and cats. As a rescue, we receive no less than 15 calls a day wanting our help. So many babies are dumped on a daily basis. Unwanted dogs and litters of puppies! Nicholas Pet Haven along with other rescues are overwhelmed! As I walked through Smith County Animal Control Shelter today, I was sickened by the number of dogs nobody wants! I feel like everyone is going in one big circle. We take dogs off the streets, get them vetted, some are lucky enough to find homes and others are not. Just when we think we are getting somewhere, we realize it's not good enough! Why has no one done anything about this enormous problem? What is it going to take? I think it is time to stand up for the four legged voiceless animals. Please, sign the petition and stand with NPH to help make a change. This is being done in other cities and counties and it can be done right here in ours. Thank you!

Photo is of two dogs that were actually dumped along with puppies that we are trying to catch. Puppies have been picked up but the adults have not.       

petitie tekenen
petitie tekenen
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