Fox hunting was banned in 2004 but the use of a loophole in the ban the hunts now claim to trail hunt, this is where they claim to only follow the scent of a fox and if a fox is killed during trailhunting it is an accident, if this is true why are Terriermen still present on hunts.

Terriermen are employed by hunts to dig/flush out a fox that has gone to ground after being chased by foxhounds to the point of exhaustion, the terriermen will drag the fox from its den and throw it to the hounds to be ripped apart in total agony until its death.

Terriermen are usually masked to prevent their faces from being shown,and are usually seen on quad bikes armed with digging out tools and boxes attached to the quad bikes which contain terrier dogs or a fox, contrary to Countryside Alliance's claims these boxes contain tools to mend broken fences, terriermen will also intimidate sabs/monitors and prevent them filming their illegal activity, they will also block a fox or Badgers den to prevent the fox going to ground.

The terriermen are the cruelist part of foxhunting.

We now need a total ban on terriermen being present on supposedly legal trailhunts, just the presence of terriermen on a hunt indicates illegal activity which the police never seem to question their presence.

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